RONR 108Kers:

You’ll probably need a headlamp at the start for the first 20 minutes or so. You can drop it off with my daughter, Bree, at Birch Creek Saddle AS (mile 9).

We ran over Ramshorn and Juliette Creek, and over the top from Bayhorse Lake to the Squaw Creek side this weekend. Snow is coming off fast and I’m guessing you’ll have very little on race day.

There is going to be some deadfall trees you will have to get over going up Juliette Cr and on the single track to Buster Lake. We’ll break the branches off but we aren’t going to go chainsaw everything off the trail. It’s a mountain race…..


Part I: I know it’s early in the race, but this section will eat you up if you don’t REALLY fuel up and pack heavy after leaving Bayhorse. It’s a REAL climb. 5000+feet vert getting up to Ramshorn (9 miles from Bayhorse). In this 15 mile section we are only putting an unmanned water drop near the top (6.5 miles from Bayhorse), and some gels. So you HAVE TO BE SELF SUFFICIENT. This section destroyed folks last year and the drop rate at Juliette was high. My son, Cody, ran this hard for his training this past weekend and it took him 2.5 hrs. It will take some of you close to 5. Be ready. My brother, Kurt, will be at Bayhorse AS to remind you and motivate you. Most of you checked “Tough Love” – yup.

Part II: DON’T MISS THE TURN. “Jess’s Turn” – 1.3 miles after you leave Bayhorse, headed back up the way you came, you’ll TURN LEFT, away from the 50K’ers and head up to the Pacific Mine and Ramshorn. If you miss Jess’s Turn, then you get to go all the way back up to Keystone Saddle AS, only to be told you missed the turn and get to go all the way back down and try again. It sucks. Bad. Don’t miss the turn.

108K will be PINK FLAGGING.

You are going to get wet. Over and over and over, going up Juliette Creek. And again going up Squaw Creek. Mountain race… signed up for it.

The 108K is a very difficult race. Far tougher than simply “8K” beyond a normal 100K. Be ready for some lows, stay hydrated, and go to fueling if you start to bonk. It is a Long, LONG, LONGGGGG downhill from Buster Lake to the Finish. Save your quads early and don’t get stupid.

Run Strong.

Love and Kisses,