volunteerTo become part of this awesome event, please contact race mgmt info@challisrunning.com.

We are committed to producing the best event possible, fully supported with competent volunteers. Join the RONR team and become part of one of the best organized ultramarathon events in the entire mountain running community.



We are in need of the following support people:

  • Aid Station Captains and Assistants
  • Start and Finish Line Personnel
  • Trained Emergency Medical Personnel and Backcountry First Aid Responders
  • Licensed Amateur (HAM) Radio Operators
  • Rovers (support personnel moving between select aid stations to assist runners)
  • Course Sweep, Course Clearing, and Teardown Personnel

Course Accessibility: The RONR course is almost entirely in mountainous backcountry terrain but is mostly accessible by two-wheel drive vehicles giving backcountry support team members the distinct opportunity of helping out in this beautiful remote area.

Aid Station Captains/Medical: If you have previously assisted with other events like this in any way and would like to step up as a backcountry team captain, we want you. We will establish a team captain over each of the aid stations with medical support personal strategically located at various locations along the course.

HAM Radio: Amateur radio operators will be stationed at race headquarters (Challis City Park) and at communications centers along the course. We are interested in establishing a mesh node network with several wireless WIFI transceivers/antennas placed at high points along the course. These stations will allow near real-time information to be communicated through the mesh node and to race headquarters. We need experts to assist with the setup and operation.

Sweeps: We need a select group of volunteers to sweep the course (by section on foot) after the race to remove flagging and pick up trash.